Private sushi chef serves meals in the client’s home kitchens based on your preferences!

Authentic Edomae-Style Sushi

In Edomae Suhi, the fish is marinated with soy sauce, salt, vinegar and kombu(seaweed) to prevent the fish from spoiling. Through this process, the fish goes better with different marinades and preservatives.

Vegan style is available

You can enjoy Vegan style sushi at your own preferences and needs.
Sushi chef prepares sushi topping using vegetables only.

Buy at central Fish Market based on a Client’s order

Experts sushi chef judges a good fish in the central fish market in Nagoya.

Course line up

Edomae-Nigiri Course

5,000 yen
10 pieces of Edomae-style Nigiri Sushi will be served.

Vegan Sushi Course

6,500 yen
Vegetables are used for Sushi instead of fish.

Party Course

5,000 yen
Sushi Plate such as Sushi Rolls, Calfornia Rolls and some finger food.
For 10 to 20 people.

Full Course

6,500 yen
Appetizer plate, Sashimi plate, Steamed egg custard, 8 pcs Nigiri-sushi, Miso-soup

Sushi Workshop

5,000 yen
Sushi chef teach you how to make Nigiri and Roll sushi!

Surprise Sushi Cake

5,000 yen
We will prepare Sushi Cake for your lover as Gift!

How to Order

Order Form

Submit your preference date/time for reservation.
We will contact to you shortly.

Credit Card, PayPay, Cash

We accept Credit Card, PayPay and Cash after finish meals.

Nagoya and other Tokai area

Sushi chef will come to your place around Nagoya and other Tokai area.
*Traveling expense will be charged.

  • Minimum order 30,000 yen above
  • Traveling expense for train at cost. In case rent a car is needed, 5,000 yen + tollway fee are required.

Sushi Chef Gandhi Otani

My name is Gandhi Otani.
Gandhi is just nick name! Im Japanese.

I was born in Tokyo, I worked in South East Asia for 5 years for IT based field.
Now I live in Kasugai-shi, Aich then became Sushi Chef.
I have learned Sushi techniques from Sushi chef who is taking Michelin for 5 years.

Roughly 100 home sushi order per Yearly.