Sushi Log_秋刀魚 Pacific Saury

Today's Sushi log

魚の名前 Name of Fish : 秋刀魚 Sanma Pacific Saury
旬 In season : 夏から冬 From Summer to Winter
主産地 Most caught in : 北海道、宮城、岩手、千葉、福島 Hokkaido, Miyagi, Iwate, Chiba, Fukushima

寿司ネタにするまで How to cook :

  1. 3枚おろしにします。Filletting the fish in three pieces.
  2. 塩をふって、20~30分置いて水で洗います。It can be salted 20-30 min then wash it in the water.
  3. 20~30分酢締めします。Then it can be marinated in vinegar 20-30 min also.
  4. 10gくらいの大きさで寿司ネタに切りつけます。Slice as sushi topping as 10 gram each.
  5. どうぞお寿司にしてください。Make the sushi at your hand.

コメント Comment :

By marinating the fish, the smell of fish are removed, someone who really do not like row fish might try it?
You will enjoy more fatty taste of sanma once it is broiled in order to pick out the flavor.